Your Story, Your Day

We’re doing this thing! We cannot wait for you to join the Y+M squad. This form is detailed, so beware. But, once you fill it out, we will capture your day that much better.

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Fiance's Name?
(i.e., my ring means a lot because..., we have ___ to honor my grandpa passing, I love my sibling and am doing a first look with them, etc.)
(parents, grandparents, bridal party, my fiance, siblings, etc.)
What will you want to look back on video-wise?
This footage tells a more holistic story, it can be home videos and iPhone footage
Both provide a response if possible!
Picture yourselves in 10 years sitting on the couch. What do you want to remember? What story do you want your family to see?
This helps us tag the vendors and give them a shoutout for their hard work!