Young and Married Films: Our Why

At the end of my freshman and sophomore years in college, I created recap videos of my year to share the experience with others. I mostly made those videos because I simply enjoyed the creative outlet.

I took that interest in videography and pursued some other projects. I ultimately created an ‘About Us’ video for the non-profit Esperanza International; Then, I had the opportunity to film a live concert video for Needtobreathe (so I could be in the pit); and then somehow, I landed my first wedding. Working full-time, however, tested my why behind continuing wedding videography. There’s only so much time as a working adult, and at some point, merely having an interest in having a creative outlet is not enough.

Our Why

For many Americans, marriage is seen as an institutional burden or a “perfect, fairytale-like” existence. It’s seen as a personal benefit. Fifty percent of Americans exit marriage, and the reasons vary from finances to infidelity to “too many arguments.” In other words, marriage ends because it eventually fulfills the prophecy of being a burden to my personal and selfish needs, or because it does not live up to the unrealistic expectations of a perfect, Hollywood love story.

All of this chased me away from marriage. I was convinced I should wait until I was at least 30. The average age for women to marry is 27.4 years and for men is 29.5 years in the U.S. Somehow, I’m currently 24, and I have been married for over a year.

Young and Married Films is not focused on age, however. We don’t just capture people’s wedding depending on an age requirement.

Instead, we view youth as something measured by your spirit and joy.

I had been engaged for a month or so, and I ran into a friend, Lizzy, who had recently graduated. She had been married for over a year, and I asked her for any advice she had surrounding marriage.

“It is fun, Robbie. It’s really fun.”

A year in, and I agree. Marriage is a blast. Even the hard stuff, and I know more of it will come, has proven to challenge, humble and grow me. As the Chief Value Officer at my company told me, “Marriage is like walking around next to an emotional and behavioral mirror all day. The longer you’re in it, the longer you stare, and the more your shortcomings are revealed. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m better for it.”

Young and Married wants to capture the optimists. The people who see marriage as fun, character-building, selfless, and challenging. They see it through each of those lenses, not in extremes. They view marriage with a child-like faith, a youthful hope, an optimism that pushes them to pursue reconciliation in times the other 50% are likely to exit. They are young in spirit.

A wedding or elopement to me, depicts joy in its utmost. Jesus made more wine at a wedding because the party needed to go on. These days are not just symbolic, but joyfully experienced and blissfully cherished.

Yet, it’s a day. A drop in the ocean. That’s why our blog focuses on relational growth and emotional health rather than a bunch of “how to wedding like a boss and save money” posts.

Your wedding day matters, but your marriage is what counts. Our why is to help encourage you to enter the remainder of your marriage with the same child-like faith, youthful hope, and optimism you possessed on your wedding day that we capture in video. Our why is the reason we put forth effort and research into our blog posts - it’s why it’s focused on relational health and not scoring new clients.

So please, reach out to us for anything, read our blog, ask us for advice, or meet up with us for a meal to talk marriage. We hope we can bless you and your journey, however, directly or indirectly it may be.



Founder | Young and Married Films